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Artists essay. In particular, this method was widely applied by Salvador Dali, who, clearly imitating psychoanalysis and even competing with it, ended up with creating a paranoid-critical method, according to which originally pure images could be placed in the context of chaotic unconscious impulses Auster For instance, his The Birth of Liquid Fears , Nostalgia of the Cannibal and Atavism at Twilight , as well as many others, obviously conceal the real world from the world, which can be considered ideal.

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Similarly to the logic of dreams, most often Surrealist paintings reveal either personal desires or secret fears: bleeding ulcers, loss of viscera, faces corroded with cancer, hungry ants, hermaphrodites feeding on excrement, etc. All of whose metaphors they are clearly the symbols of anxiety; the deformation of forms, like in The Persistence of Memory , expresses the reality of pain, death, inhibition, and suppression of desires which destroys life like death itself does.

At yet, as Dali puts it, the painting appeared due to the associations he had when looking at Camembert cheese melting in the sun Durozoi In his turn, Yves Tanguy set himself the task of creating works based on childishly naive worldview. Translating abstract metaphysical concepts by means of painting, he created The Furniture of Time on a regular blue-gray background, revealing the emptiness of alien landscapes and the helplessness of the small figures through depicting abstract shapes and inadequate forms Paglia In whole, Surrealism becomes committed to the destruction of all other psychic mechanisms, aiming to replace them in the process of resolving any existing fundamental problems of life.

Moreover, the adoption of the Freudian position on the absence of fundamental differences between the healthy and the mentally ill led to the recognition of insanity condition as the most favorable to the Surrealist art, as soon as this condition cannot be controlled by reason. Defining of art as a form of insanity, the subject of art — as purely personal complexes, and its content — as imagery not related to the real world, but rather based on repressed personal aspirations and fantasies, has finally resulted in the denial of the social role of art Wintle Using the analogy drawn by Freud between dreams and art, Surrealist artists were factually putting themselves outside art as a form of reflection of reality.

As a prominent psychiatrist of early 20 th century, Freud created the theoretical ground for the emergence of Surrealism, while surrealist artists found sources of inspiration in his theory and attempted to free their subconscious through illogical, surrealistic imagery.

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In other words, being a record of thought in the absence of control from the mind and beyond any aesthetic and moral considerations, a work of art could express the direct flow of associations emerging in the unconscious. In this perspective, the unconscious was recognized as the only absolute meaning, life with all its peculiar laws that had emerged long before there were fundamental concepts of good and evil, God and reason. The development of Freudianism served as an additional argument that the significance of the subconscious should not be underestimated or considered as something minor.

Having obtained a solid ideological support, Surrealism further prevailed and largely influenced art around the world up to the mid th century, successfully applying such Freudian ideas as the logic of dreams, the denial of separation of ugliness and beauty, good and evil, sublimation of desires, etc. At the same time, these ideas put Surrealists into the opposition to the social role of art, developing a revolutionary and unique form of art without rules.

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