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Fagin then addresses executive leadership, contrasting the cultures of academia and practice in the context of restructuring health care delivery. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration and interdependence in broader health care roles as well as interpersonal competence and successful social behavior. In Chapter 6, Dr. Fagin expands her discussion of leadership by addressing nursing's relationship to consumerism. Fagin highlights issues of public health enhancement, consumer empowerment, and the nurse's role in each.

A discussion of the managed care marketplace, its characteristics, and its implications and consequences completes this section. Strategies that nurses can use to address the crisis emerging from this for-profit or marketplace approach to health care delivery are suggested. Part 2 of the book concentrates on education for nursing leadership. This is the essence of leadership. In part because of this experience, I have come to believe that leadership should involve teamwork and cooperation with management. My experience in the supermarket gave me a perspective on leadership and customer-oriented service that I have sought to apply in my nursing career.

Customer service helped prepare her for nursing Before starting my career as a nurse, I worked for many years in business and customer service. Modern, customer-oriented, service-business approaches have brought healthcare organizations into a new era in which productivity and competitive advantage are important.

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My professional nursing career started in when, after four years as a student at the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland, I graduated as a registered nurse and public health nurse. Upon completing that program, I decided I wanted to work as a researcher. I have found it rewarding to share my knowledge of leadership in nursing and healthcare and will always be a nurse committed to ethical nursing practice.

You can learn a lot from a poor example In the course of my nursing career, I have observed changing work environments that include increasing importance of the internet and social media, advances in medicine, multiprofessional teamwork, and greater emphasis on customer orientation.

However, the importance of good leadership has remained constant. Both in healthcare and business, I have interacted and worked with many managers and directors. A significant number are role models I admire who have excellent leadership skills.

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But not all have lived up to the ideals I cited at the beginning of this article. Fortunately, even from those who have not provided good examples of leadership, I have learned a lot. Because I started my nursing career relatively late in life, I feel, in some respects, that I belong more to Generation Y , also known as millennials , than my birth generation.

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Generation Y is known for having different perspectives on work and different motivational needs than previous generations. My experience suggests that we should not think in terms of different generations but rather emphasize individuality. A commonly cited challenge for those who supervise Generation Y workers is that people of this demographic cohort constantly seek meaning in their work and value good treatment and attention.

In my opinion, leadership is more about coaching people than ordering them around, and micromanagement often leads to poor results. It also helped to understand the idea of an inclusive model of leadership which ensures all the team members are involved in patient care.

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In this regard, I share the perspective that the clinical practice situation and the leadership model used will have a positive impact in my leadership practice which helps to improve the quality of care provided as well as the patient outcomes Daly et al. The clinical practice situation also positively shapes my leadership practice by improving knowledge on the need to continually develop the individual skills and knowledge level through engaging in training and development programs.

The case further promotes my critical thinking abilities which are also critical in decision making as well as treating patients with diverse needs. I have improved my understanding of the positive role of critical thinking in my leadership practice and the need to adopt the aspect as the basis for my decision making.


I have also gained an understanding of the need to incorporate improved communication and possess the skills in my leadership practice since discussion offers a chance to engage the patient, their family members, and other stakeholders. The clinical practice situation exemplifies the critical issues involved in healthcare practice primarily to nurses since they are more involved in patient care and determine the services provided.

Leadership theories such as transformation leadership acknowledge the decisive role of collaborative models or teamwork in nursing as the basis for efficiently understanding the patient needs and addressing them. In this case, MJ the nursing leader demonstrated a key positive aspect of a nurse leader as well as clinical proficiency which motivated other nurses while ensuring high-quality care was provided. My Assignment Services provides academic writing assistance to students in various universities across Australia. Due to the pressure of studies, part time jobs, studies, et cetera, students often turn towards online nursing leadership essay writing service providers.


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View all posts by Andy Johnson. Your email address will not be published. Learn more. Please Wait. Looking for Nursing Leadership Essay Samples? Home Blog. July 19th, Andy Johnson 0 Comments. Clinical Leadership Clinical Practice situation Great nurse leaders and mentors have the power and potential to transform and empower student nurses to become the great nurse leaders of tomorrow. Introduction In this essay, a clinical practice situation will be reflected upon where a senior registered nurse demonstrated exemplary leadership skills while being a receptor to a student nurse on clinical placement.

Initial reflections on the events Initial thoughts and feeling about my experience working with nurse MJ over the three shifts can be described as being on a learning journey and highly educational. Critical analysis of the clinical practice situation The clinical practice situation exemplified the need for practical leadership skills among the nurses as the basis for interacting well with others as well as making decisions that promote positive patient outcomes. Implication for my leadership practice The clinical situation practice and the transformational leadership theory adopted has a crucial implication in my leadership practice since it has enhanced my understanding of the need for leadership in nursing practice.

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